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JeAre you a musician? Do you perform? Do you work in music school? Are you an active volunteer? Organize a concert and collect donations for African Music School.

If you organize a concert, we provide:

  • a video from Africa, dedicated especially for the institution/musician, where kids from AMS will personally express their gratitude.
  • oficialacknowledge or school/musician and concert organizers
  • if school/musician undertakes to organize at least 1 concert a year, they will become an official partner of African Music School, and such an information will be put on our website.
  • Opportunity to take part in crucial historical event – kids from music schools in Poland build a music school for their peers in CAR, first in the country
  • Help in looking for volunteers to raise money to moneyboxes


Please send us your request to: info@africanmusicschool.com


Dawid Studziżba

Tel. +48 731 706 809
Email: info@africanmusicschool.com

How you can help us?



Facebook donations

You can organize charity fundariser via Facebook

Musicians for Musicians

Organize charity concerts for African Music School