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We are establishing the first music school in CAR!

Help us to do it!

We want to fulfill the dreams of many children

in the country destroyed by war.

For over 30 years CAR has been torn by war and rebellions. The country is destroyed and its citizens become poor and uneducated. Only education can help Africa. As an answer to this problem we want to build a music school which will broaden the horizons of young Africans.

The school will be lead by a Polish missionary, capuchin and musician Brother Benedict.

The costs of the maintenance and school fee are going to be approximately 533 900 zloty per annum.

Help us to raise the amount by buying a note in our African symphony.

What's going on?

A few words about the project

The annual cost of school activities is approximately 533900 zł. A question may appear in your mind: why is it so expensive? 

See all the detailed fees.

The school will be attended by the most talented and gifted children from Bouar and the surrounding ar-ea. At the end of the education each student receive a certificate and an instrument that will help them to keep on playing (for example giving lessons or playing in the pubs) and also to make a living.

The school will be build in the town called Bouar in the old monastery buildings and its rooms have to be readjusted and reconstructed into the classrooms, to a daily school routine.

The initiator of the project is Brother Benedict, a capuchin monk, priest and musician, who has lived for four years on a mission in CAR.

Help Us 

to make true the dreams of children from the country destroyed by war.

How can you help?

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The total cost of the entire symphony is 533 900 zł. so it is all we need to maintain the school for a year. See more.


At the end of the year children from our school will play a symphony specially for you as a thanksgiving and gratitude for all your support.


Buy a note giving a donation.

Let the project of the first music school in CAR come through and see the light. Educate Africa together.

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„African Symphony”

Composer: Marcin Gumiela

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Account number: 40 2490 0005 0000 4600 6080 2410

Title: SA1 Donation for Music School


PL 34 2490 0005 0000 4600 1271 7096 (USD)

PL 18 2490 0005 0000 4600 7757 3039 (EUR)


Initiators and organizers of the action

br. Benedykt Pączka
br. Benedykt Pączka
Children of Africa Foundation
Children of Africa Foundation


Why music school?

We believe that only education can change Africa  as it broadens the horizons,  transform the mentality and the way of perception. Education makes people more resourceful,  open-minded and ready for action. In connection to music education helps developing the imagination and ease the tragic experiences of war affected RCA.  Therefore the most talented children will be send on scholarship to the other African countries and the USA.

What is the goal?

There are three main goals, objectives :

  1. Education of young Africans to help them to understand that their life situation depends largely on themselves.
  2. Therapy  through music providing support for children affected by war, ethnic and religious differences.
  3. Development of the musical skills of talented children.
Why do we need to raise 533900?

In order to keep the school going for the whole year we need to cover :

  • bilety, przejazdy for bus, train ticket: 55 000 PLN
  • for 5 months gatification and salary of 3 teachers: 38 900 PLN
  • for alimentation of 30 children and teachers: 60 000 PLN
  • for the electricity which contain fuel to supply electric units: 45 000 PLN
  • for books and photocopies: 15 000 PLN
  • for basic instrument such as pianos (5 items), guitars, flutes, saxophones, trumpets plus the cost of transport: 220 000 PLN
  • for the solar system: 20 000 PLN
  • Basic sound check for the converts: 80 000 PLN

All together 533 900 PLN

Who will lead the school?

The headmaster is as well the initiator, Polish missionary, capuchin and musician who is 4 years in RCA.

If in RCA there is none music school where will we get our teachers from?

We invite people from the local community,  who have a basic musical skills,  train them and prepare to work with children. The teachers will come from Cameroon but also from Poland and other European countries.

What is the curriculum?

Please the detailed program below

I have no money. How can I help?

More then enything else we need your prayers.  We also encourage you to promote our campaigne by sharing posts via Facebook and other social media. All the sources you find here

There is a possibility for you to become a volunteer,  please contact us. Click on a link here.

Perhaps you have other ideas and want to support us? Go for it!  Every help counts'


Would you like more info?

And maybe you can co-create the school in a different way?

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Contact: +48 507-525-995