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Take part in our contest and win amazing holidays in African Music School!

You will see virgin places of Africa, you will meet amazing culture of African people. You will meet also meet Pigmys lives near the Equator. Primarily, you will spend some time with our kids from African Music School!

How you can part in competition.

1. Help us sending money on Singila Action at least 10 PLN.
2. Answet the question "Why music is important in children`s life?"

Answer with bank transfer confirmation send to - info@africanmusicschool.com

Send also clause:

„Zapoznałem/am się z tekstem Regulaminu Konkursu, akceptuję jego postanowienia oraz wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie przez Organizatora moich danych osobowych zawartych w Zgłoszeniu Konkursowym dla potrzeb mojego uczestnictwa w Konkursie”


Why do we
do build AMS?

The main idea of AFRICAN MUSIC SCHOOL is to create a place for professional music education for talented but impoverished kids – education, that will give them a job and ability to sustain a family in a future. For most of them it is the only chance to learn. Furthermore, full of joy music lessons can let the kids forget the difficulties of their post-war reality and give hope for normal life.

For over last 10 years Central African Republic (CAR) is affected by armed struggles and conflicts.

In this one of the poorest countries in the world 65% of kids are forced to work phisically or pressed to military service. The authorities have not built a single school during last 50 years. It is a church and missionaries who promote education and help the youngest to make their dreams come true. Join our great project and help to provide better future for these kids. You can do it very easily, by joining the Singila Campaign.

Needs are

The aim of African Music School project is to bulid the first Music School in CAR in Bouar. It is a work city for polish missioner Benedykt Pączka, the initiator of the project. We need about 4 mln PLN to build a new school to replace an actual, makeshift one.
he architectural project, prepared by Architecture Sans Frontieres is ready, so are all needed building permits. The only lack we have is money. In addition to construction costs we bear the costs of school maintenance. The money raised within Singila Campaign will be used to build first 5 classrooms of our school.

See the project

Singila Campaign – fundraising for construction of 5 classrooms
45000€ - 202500 PLN needed.

The school will have 10 clasrooms, concert hall, recording studio, library, kitchen with dinning room and 5 accommodation rooms for teachers. It's total cost is 4 million PLN!

Bouar prices and proposed donation amount:
1 brick = 0,89 PLN
1 wire no. 6 = 21,15 PLN
1 rafter (5 meters long) = 30,60 PLN
1 wire no. 10 = 33 PLN
1 wooden board (6 meters long) = 45 PLN
1 sack of cement = 54 PLN
„Builder set” = 111,25 PLN – 5 bricks, half of the cost of all materials, remunaration for work.

Up to now we have raised:
208 210.41 zł


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Thank you!

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